Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lego Fest Wisconsin 2016

Last month, the kids and I (ages 9 months, 8 years and 12 years) returned to Lego Fest Wisconsin.  It weld in downtown Milwaukee.  We had attended a few years back at a blogger's event.  The kids were a little older this time and we had another little one with us on our outing.  We were excited to see what else Lego Fest had to offer these age groups this year.  It didn't disappoint.
Luckily the kids had off of school that Friday and we had tickets to attend the blogger event on Friday evening.  We made a day trip out of it and made a few stops on our way to downtown Milwaukee.  Friday night was busy, but I anticipated that it was going to be much more busy on Saturday and Sunday.  That had area upon area roped off for entry and participation to the Lego Fest and to some of the activities.  We didn't have to wait in any lines and the whole place was filled with hands-on activities with Legos, Lego sculptures, activities with electronics and other Lego-themed activities (reading, crafts, etc).  They also had obstacle courses, challenges and free photo booths.  Of course, there was shopping too!
My middle child always loves the big pile (ouch!) of Legos that you can jump in and play with.  It's pretty phenomenal to see in person. 
The kids enjoyed seeing all of their favorite characters come to "life" in these life-size Lego sculptures.  It was pretty amazing to see the intricate detail that went into assembling these pieces.  I really liked seeing the fairy garden from their new faire line of Legos.
We also visited the infant and toddler area, which feature many different kinds of Duplo lego sets and similar Lego piles with larger sizes.  They also had a nice private section for nursing, pumping and diaper changing.  I thought that was pretty handy and creative on their part.  Nice job, Lego!
We ended up staying until the event closed and we forced to head out.  We spent about 3 1/2 hours at Lego Fest and could have spent more time if we had it.  There definitely was something for everyone to enjoy and participate in at Lego Fest Wisconsin.  We will be back.

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