Friday, September 30, 2016

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer Review

We've been pretty lucky that Baby Diva hasn't been very sick since she arrived a little over nine months ago.  However, cold and flu season is quickly approaching.  She's recently been fighting a running nose and cold that has been dragging out for over a week.  Has anyone ever tried to get an infant's temperature?  That isn't easy.
I was happy to try out the Temporal Artery Thermometer that was sent to me by Exergen.  I had seen these "scan thermometers" at the baby store when we registered last fall.  But, I hadn't purchased one, since I figured I survived without one with my older two children.  And I wasn't sold on the pricetag compared to the standard oral thermometer.
But, I was amazed during our hospital stay this time, when the nurses were using these thermometers to take our vitals.  Results within seconds.
Parents press and hold the button, then gently stroke their child's forehead and the device captures naturally emitted heat from the child's skin over the temporal artery.  The parent releases the button and digital number is available.  The Red LED lights and a soft beep indicates a correct scan.  The device takes a whopping 1,000 readings per second, selecting the most accurate one.  Arterial heat balance computes the correct temperature.  You can even do this while your child is resting or sleeping. 
This is the safest, most convenient and comfortable place to measure the temperature.  The accuracy of the Temporal Scanner is incredible and recommended for all ages.
Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometers are currently sold at:

Babies R Us
Toys R Us

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Baby Flexible - NEW Youth Fitness Studio in Sun Prairie

The youth fitness studio located at 100 East Main Street looks quite a bit different than the pet store that previously occupied the space.  Though the guests in the space are just as busy and excited to be there.  Michelle Running, the owner of Baby Flexible brought a unique environment for busy, little ones to downtown Sun Prairie, after she received her youth fitness specialist and youth yoga certifications.  Michelle has a passion for health and fitness and enjoys sharing her passion with the youth of Sun Prairie.
Baby Flexible recently opened it's doors and is offering classes for preschool through elementary aged children.  After much demand, toddler yoga classes were also recently added to the curriculum.  During Baby Flexible classes, your child will have fun with their friends, while playing games and using their imagination.  Yoga poses, moves and breathing techniques are mixed in throughout the class.

During the class that I observed, the children were curious and excited to play, pretend and explore, while moving their bodies on and off the mat.  The children were given prompts and ideas and they created their own stories as they explored the studio, stretched on the mat and worked on their breathing techniques with their instructor.  The environment was stress-free and organized in an unstructured format.
After speaking with one mother, I was told that the instructor does a great job of getting the kids excited about fitness and keeping them engaged through her outgoing and animated personality.  After his first class, her child was already asking if he could return to yoga class the next day.

Baby Flexible will also be offering several family-friendly events throughout the calendar year.
Baby Flexible class schedule:

Monday 5:45 - 6:30 pm (ages 4-6)
Tuesday 5:45 - 6:30 pm (ages 7-9)
Thursday 5:00 - 5:30 pm (Toddler)

New classes are added based on demand, so please make sure that you check the Baby Flexible website for a
current class schedule.

Toddler Yoga (Ages 1-3)
In these classes, we will start to explore the exciting world of yoga! The classes incorporate music, stories and games to introduce yoga poses and concepts. But don’t be fooled — we are here to have fun and play while we learn! Parents are encouraged to participate in these classes as well.
Ages 4-6
In these classes, children will begin to learn and practice fun poses. The classes incorporate music, games and limitless imagination to guide the kids on endless virtual “adventures” where they will practice these poses, as well as learning partner and group poses. These classes would not be complete without music and games to help get the fun started!
Ages 7-9
Poses and games become a little more challenging here, but classes are still fun and playful. We will talk about the benefits of the poses and how the yoga poses make them feel. Classes will focus on coordination, balance and holding poses for longer periods of time. We will start to incorporate basic breathing exercises but will not get rid of our games and partner and group poses! Fun is still one of main goals!
Ages 10-12
Here we start to focus more on technique. This class will help in building self-confidence, outer strength, focus and concentration. Students help and encourage each other as they work on challenging partner poses, inversions, and games (we can’t take ourselves too seriously!) The importance of breathing and relaxation come to the forefront as we focus on inner and outer awareness.
This class begins the journey of learning how to honor our bodies, loving our inner and outer self. We work to find our bodies’ strengths and weaknesses and understand that wherever we are in our practice or life, we are perfect. We encourage the practice of more difficult poses, and allow plenty of time for restorative poses and the meditative journey.
$10 / class
$40 / five class punch card

Participants may register for a session via the contact form on the Baby Flexible website.
To stay informed regarding classes and events at Baby Flexible,
make sure that you visit
Baby Flexible on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Piano Gal Shop - a fun outlet for young musicians in Sun Prairie.

I was delighted during a recent tour of The Piano Gal Shop in downtown Sun Prairie (395 East Main Street).  From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel comfortable and at home in the cozy atmosphere.  Comfy arm chairs are available next to a musically-themed holiday tree.  Parents are encouraged to get some work or reading done while their child is taking a piano or voice lesson.  Parents are also welcome to stop next door at Beans 'n Cream for a quiet break. 
The Piano Gal Shop is filled with many unique gifts for music lovers and handmade items from local artists.  The studio is filled with handmade prints, cards, jewelry and other items you won't find at big box stores.  Sheet music, books and other essentials are also available for purchase, including many current hits and song books.
The shop is lined with many custom and consignment pianos and other musical instruments.  The pianos are gorgeous, unique and stunning.  The store also works with local band and orchestra students to select their instruments.  Consider contacting The Piano Gal and shopping local, before leasing instruments from other stores.  If your piano is in need of some TLC, Marta also offers piano tuning in your home.
Piano, voice and banjo lessons are available throughout the week at The Piano Gal.  If a customer has a special interest and the shop doesn't have current availability or the right fit, Marta will work with the customer to find someone in the community that can provide that outlet. 
My daughter recently started working with Clarisse over voice lessons and is in her element and loving the experience with her instructor.  Personally having children that are not overly interested in sports, I am delighted that The Piano Gal is offering another outlet for families in Sun Prairie.
Marta is the bright and bubbly face behind The Piano Gal and is proud of the shop's exceptional customer service and family-friendly atmosphere.  The store offers many FREE family-friendly events throughout the year, including themed parties and sing-alongs.  Student recitals also take place in the store several times during the year, so that students can share their talents with their families.